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With a Ph.D. in Psychology from IIT Roorkee, India, complemented by a Life Coaching Certification from the University of Cambridge, UK, and a Cognitive Behavior Therapy Certification from NIMHANS, Bengaluru, India, I bring a wealth of academic knowledge and practical experience to the field of Cognitive Psychology. My journey has been shaped by years of both theoretical study and hands-on application, allowing me to develop a deep understanding of cognitive processes and their real-world implications.

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I imagine a world where people and groups do really well by using what we know about how the mind works. I'm committed to help everyone reach their full potential by understanding and using the amazing power of our minds.

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Whether you’re seeking to excel in your academic pursuits, advance in your career, or enhance your personal relationships, my personalized coaching services will help you to overcome challenges and reach your goals.

Learn effective study techniques, time management strategies, and organizational skills to maximize your learning efficiency and retention.

Whether you’re a researcher, academic institution, or organization, I provide expertise in study design, data analysis, and interpretation to support your research endeavors.

With a supportive and non-judgmental approach, I aim to empower you to reflect on your strengths, identify areas for improvement, and take meaningful steps towards your goals.

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